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The ultimate website relaunch guide

In our guide, we discuss the different phases and give you important tips on how to get the relaunch off to a good start.

A website relaunch is a big project for an e-commerce company. On the one hand, it can be an upgrade for the design, on the other hand, sometimes the technology hooks, or the shop has grown so much that it has to move to a new platform. Whatever the reason for a relaunch of the website, you should take time and leisure for it.

The relaunch of a website needs a project plan, a concept and an overview of the costs incurred. Because it is not only a webshop redesign, but often also technical improvements, an upgrade for SEO, the renewal of content and easier usability.

A good relaunch should therefore bring serious benefits for the company as well as for the customers. In our Ultimate Website Relaunch Guide, we go into the different phases and give you important tips on how to get the restart off to a good start.

Website Relaunch: Why should you do it?

You have misplaced the password for your old website, the mobile version does what it wants, the design of the webshop leaves much to be desired and you want to look at your website as rarely as possible? Then it's time to relaunch the website!

Sometimes the old hosting platform has simply had its day. The technical backup cannot be changed, the design templates are Stone Age and the content is already gathering dust. If you have decided to move your website from WordPress to Shopify, then relaunching it is inevitable.

In the course of the move, you can not only change the design, make your online shop more modern and add new products. You also have the opportunity to improve SEO, create   a new blog, and install numerous new plugins - such as a digital buying guide! The relaunch of the website is therefore of enormous importance, as it combines state-of-the-art technology, a brand-specific design, fresh content and personal customer communication!

Important points that speak for a website relaunch:

  • Increase the conversion rate
  • More traffic through the search engine 
  • A higher ranking in Google 
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Back up the brand 
  • International / offer more languages 
  • Install new plugins / functions (like a Guided Selling solution)
  • Independent actualisation of the content in backend (access data) 
  • Change old system to a new Version(CMS, SLL Certificates)
  • Upgrade from the Corporate Identity and the  Corporate Design (Branding)

Plan the website relaunch

Each website relaunch is based on a project plan. Even if the new setup of the website, the move of the webshop to a new hosting platform, or the redesign is possible in a few weeks, the planning of the entire website relaunch (including implementation) often takes several weeks to months.


What to consider to the Website Relaunch?

  • Texts for the Landing-Page from a professional writer
  • Choose New  Design-Template for the Webshop 
  • Adapt the User Interface and the  needs if the customer  
  • Make new Content for the blog and the subpages 
  • Updade the Userfriendly with a personal buying advisor 
  • Improve the On-page SEO 
  • Fix errors in the technology
  • Add plugins and new features 
  • Expand the payment methods 

Especially the technical implementation and SEO take time, because Google does not crawl all pages immediately. For online shops with numerous products, updating meta descriptions, title tags and links often takes a few weeks. However, these are important to appear in the search engine in the first place .

Sometimes unforeseen problems only appear after the reboot, which then have to be fixed on-the-spot. So wait with the website relaunch announcement until you know how long the project will take.

How will the website relaunch be a success?

Create a website relaunch concept that includes the goals for you as a company, as well as the needs of your customers. The more you put the customer's wishes in the foreground, the higher the turnover will be.

This also includes personal (digital) advice to your customers so that they can quickly find the desired product through a purchase consultant. Guided Selling is a great solution for this!


Ask yourself the following questions before re-launching the website:

  1. Do my customers find at least 80% of what they are looking for in the online shop?
  2. Does the conversion rate meet my business goals?
  3. Does my content and design appeal to the right audience?
  4. Is my content understandable and transparent?
  5. How can I make the product search easier for my customers?
  6. Where do my customers leave the online shop so far?
  7. How can I do more with less?

Improve the usability of the webshop and put your customers at the center. The customer sees your shop and products from a different angle than you do, which means that the design, easy navigation, advice with clear information about the products, and a simple check-out process are extremely important.

Re-Branding for the website relaunch?

Often the webshop can be improved at all corners and ends. This starts with the backend and ends with the user interface and user experience. Often, however, customers only notice during a relaunch that they should actually upgrade the branding long ago, as the values of the company, the target group, and the demands on design have changed in the meantime.

If not only the webshop, but also the branding is to be redesigned, it is important to coordinate with the agency that carries out the relaunch. This makes it clear which graphical and technical updates are necessary to ensure that the brand presents itself uniformly on all platforms.

The re-brand often includes a new brand bible, update of the brand voice, uniform brand colors, the brand persona, as well as a brand manifesto.


A re-brand for the website relaunch comes into question at:

  • New target group (Persona)
  • Reorientation of the brand philosophy and brand vision (values)
  • Upgrade of the Designs (more moderne, younger, more creative)
  • Change the offer
  • Repositioning through increased competition (niche)
  • Representation of unique selling points (expert status)

Website relaunch: What are the costs?

Depending on the agency, time and brand requirements, the costs for a relaunch of the website (including concept, design, content and implementation) are between € 20,000 and € 50,000.

Since every company has different requirements, prices can vary greatly. Of course, a small online store that keeps the same design and only offers a handful of products pays less than a large company that lists hundreds of new items, renews branding and improves SEO.

Smaller agencies create a new Shopify store for as little as €10,000 when the branding and design is in place. So it's best to get different offers from different providers for the website relaunch.

We hope that you are now well prepared to tackle your webshop relaunch and your webshop redesign
with our Ultimate Website Relaunch Guide!

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